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Does Zyvestra Really Work?

Vertigo is a condition that should not be just ignored. People who are suffering from vertigo can get relief from Zyvestra, an all-natural homeopathic treatment that is supposed to be free from side effects and requires no prescription. This product allegedly works by improving the body’s inner ear balance in order to lessen the symptoms of vertigo such as nausea and severe headaches. Zyvestra is available in cream or tablet form, both of which are meant to be safe for daily application and intake. The active ingredient of this homeopathic treatment solution is Cocculus Indicus, which is supposed to alleviate the effects of spatial disorientation by calming the nerves. Zyvestra also contains Echinacea, an anti-inflammatory and immunostimulant herbal supplement that improves balance.

Zyvestra Reviews

Yes - Yes, ZyVestra Works
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I have used ZyVestra and its a life changing for me, I have not ended up in the hospital since I first used this product. I keep it with me always, never leave home without it. I’ve recommended this product to several people. they like it also.

May 17th, 2016
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Yes - Really worked for me
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I have had dizziness, nausea and vomiting for years. I have tried prescription drugs and meclizine HCI 12.5 mg USP. Did not work at all made me feel worse. When I was told about “Zyvestra” I checked on the internet and decided to place an order. I am glad I did because I noticed a big difference. I have been taking Zyvestra for about 3 years now ( off and on) and feeling great. I will be ordering another supply soon. I would strongly suggest anyone with vertigo problem to try Zyvestra.

Joan Mueller
August 11th, 2015
Sparrowbush, NY
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Yes - Zvestra Really Woks
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I used to have frequent bouts of dizziness, nausea and vomiting due to my inner ear problem. I tried drugs that were supposed to help, but it actually made it worse. I husband heard a commercial on the radio about Zvestra. I tried it and noticed a big difference. It is not a cure for my disease, but since I have been taking Zvestra (about a year now) I have had fewer and less severe onsets of vertigo. I take one pill and I put the cream behind the ear that is damaged every night at bedtime. It also helps to watch your salt intake. Even though too much salt intake in my system did not cause my disease, but it can aggravate it. So I strongly suggest lowering sodium in your daily diet and take Zyvestra with the cream on daily basis. Also, the best part is that the price is right. $59.99 for a two month supply for both pills and cream and every 3rd shipment is free.. Can’t be that.

April 30th, 2013
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