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Does Zorbeez Really Work?

Zorbeez is the most amazing ultra absorbent multi-purpose cloth.  Very easy to use, odor-free, money saving clean-ups because it is machine washable, so you can keep using your Zorbeez over and over.  Zorbeez is made of advance fiber technology that has the strength to pick and hold up to 20 oz. of liquid. You can actually dry an entire car or even your pet dog with Zorbeez because it is designed to absorb over 27 times more liquid than regular cotton cloths. Normal sponges and dish cloths can get full of bacteria and smelly, but Zorbeez cloths are odor free so you don’t have to worry about the rotten smell.  Package includes 4 Jumbo Zorbeez (Approximately 19 X 23 inches) and 6 Extra Large Zorbeez (Approximately 15 X 15 inches).

Zorbeez Reviews

No - What a joke
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These do not work any better then Paper Towels. You can wash them and then they get real soft. These are truly a waste of money and do not work the way they show them to on tv

Charmian Inman
May 21st, 2011
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No - These are Not any Better then a Paper Towel
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These are not any better then a paper
towel and more trouble. they do not work like they show on Television and you can get the very same exact thing at the dollar store. Dont waste your money on these.

Char I
May 26th, 2010
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Yes - It's does as Billy says it does
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I received some ShamWow’s as a gag gift, and decided to see how the Zorbeez compared to it.

Between the two I really did’nt see a difference.

It picks up quite a bit of liquid, again not as much as it looks like on TV. I think the camera angle on TV makes it look like more than it really is.

I’ve used it to clean up dog accidents off a hard wood floor and found it to work great for it with very little left behind.

Does an ok job of cleaning water drops from a freshly washed car, but you might need a second one to finish the job all the way.

September 24th, 2009
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