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Does Zippie Sips Really Work?

If your child tends to spill drinks inside the house or in other places like the car for example then the mess that is created can be quit annoying and too much of a hassle to clean. If you are looking for ways to reduce the chances of your child spilling his or her beverage cup then the Zippie Sips could be the product for you. The manufacturer claims that adding Zippie Sips on your child’s cup will effectively prevent accidental spills. ZippieSips features a super stretchy material that allows it to cover the mouth of your child’s cup and create a water tight seal, so even if your child spills, drops or shakes his or her drinking cup, no spills will happen. With the Zippie Sips, the manufacturer promises your child can enjoy his or her drinks without you having to worry about spills and mess.

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