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Does Zasshu Knife Really Work?

The Zasshu Knife works as a hybrid knife that they say will combine the cutting edge of a mezzaluna knife and the chopping power of a cleaver, with the versatility of a chef’s knife.  The Zasshu Knife claims to be made with quality Japanese steel and is engineered with Japanese technology so that, they claim, anything can be cut by it.  It is also designed to stay sharp.  The rounded edge simplifies the cutting of vegetables while the rounded bottom allows for clean, precise cuts, they say.  This knife also has a curve for the thumb, allowing for more control, especially when doing the rocking motion for cuts.  The wide blade is good for scooping chopped food from the cutting board to the pan.  This knife can also cut fruits, meats, cheese, etc. it is the perfect complement for one’s cutting needs, they say.

Zasshu Knife Reviews

Yes - Very comfortable
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We did have to sharpen it, but now it’s our go-to knife of choice. It is very comfortable to grip.

July 25th, 2013
Sacramento, CA
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Yes - A Pretty Good Knife
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The only negative I really have with this knife is that it’s thinner than I expected and of average rather than exceptional sharpness. Having said that, it’s a good knife overall and the paring knife is utterly fantastic. These knives are getting hard to obtain but are worth the effort to find one.

February 28th, 2010
Houghton, MI
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