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Does YuDu Really Work?

The YuDu screen printing system allows you to put your personal signature on just about anything, whether it is t-shirts, jeans, handbags, jackets, uniforms, home décor, gifts, cards, crafts, and more.  All this can be done in the convenience of one’s home, they say.  The YuDu system is very easy to operate, they say.  You simply insert the first screen onto the top lid, apply the ink, and squeegee.  Use a different screen for each color, ensuring that it is completely dry before the next color is applied.  Once the item is dried completely, you can use the heat of an iron, and you’re done.  The offer includes an image CD, user guide, transparencies, emulsion sheets, a mesh screen, squeegee, different colored inks, a T-shirt platen, and emulsion remover.

YuDu Reviews

No - YUDU, waste of money and time
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If you are looking to waste a ton of money on supplies and shirts that you WILL ruin, this is the product for you. If you buy it, be ready for shirts that you can basically only print one color on (unless colors do not go against each other), prints that are off centered, and prints that are blurred. Doesn’t matter what mesh you use or what ink. I have experimented for 6 months and gotten one “okay” print out of 30 attempts. Save yourself some money and take up another hobby or get a shirt you want printed professionally. This chunk of crap is NOT worth the time, money, or stress. Huge waste of time. I would not suggest this piece of garbage to anyone. Mine might be getting thrown off the balcony soon. I hate it.

July 19th, 2012
Joliet, IL.
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Yes - Easy to use and good ink!
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I bought this to do some personal items. Inside of 4 hours I had 3 shirts done. I have done a vest and a jacket since and I am still just using the one bottle of black that comes with the machine.
As you begin to look around you will realize that this is not the best screen printing system, but for a beginner this is adequate. No you can not do all that the pros do, but the you can do some things that the other amateurs can’t do.

The ink is better than most of the others on the market where I am. I have used the ink on 100% polyester wind breakers (the vests above) and it is adhering well. The ink seems to work better than any others I have tried 4 other brands so far.

I have learned that this is not the best system in the world, but for someone that wants to do a few items a year it will get the job done.
I do recommend the after market screens that are much better.

June 14th, 2011
New York
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No - Piece of junk
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Never buy this crap again. I got the whole set for 500.00 but it was worth nothing. On the video show’s so easy but it’s NOT. And the ink costs so MUCH money, now I have the big piece of junk in my house.

April 22nd, 2011
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No - Don't waste your money
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This machine is a piece of crap. I have been doing screen printing on the side for awhile now and jumped at the promise of ease. I was very disapointed, I thought having an “all in one” unit would be great no more liquid emultion no seperate exposure unit. Wow I got duped. This is exactly what you would expect from a imfomertial, plain junk. It is not a sturdy machine the screens are cheap looking and the ink dries to the screen. The after market prices are way too high and you cannot use it to do mass runs. Yudu yourself a favor and don’t buy it.

April 8th, 2010
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