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Does Yoshi Blue Really Work?

Washing pans with burnt meat or food is one of the usual nightmares of cooks. It takes away all their enjoyment in the kitchen work. Although liters of cooking oil might do the work to prevent sticking, the additional fat in the food makes the food unhealthy for the family. Offering a solution to this common problem is Yoshi Blue’s set of non-stick cooking pans. Made from a nano-ceramic surface with genuine diamonds, the Yoshi Blue cooking pans claim to cook fried foods such as eggs, meat, sausages etc. without incurring the food’s sticky mess in it. It promises to make cleaning work for moms convenient. Consequently, Yoshi Blue wares are said to have no need for additional grease or fat, thus making fried foods healthier. It has a venting glass lid and ceramic mandolin slicer: a complementary utensil that promises easier tossing and turning of food in the pan.

Yoshi Blue Reviews

Yes - So far they are great
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I purchased the entire set of cookware 2 frying pans, a small and a large cooking pot plus the Yoshi ceramic Knives which I love!

The cookware is beautiful! I love cobalt blue color and the fact that it has diamonds and ceramic as the coating material just thrills me [I feel rather opulent cooking with diamonds!] not to mention that it must be a healthy way to cook as ceramic is a non-toxic substance.

They are lightweight but they don’t feel flimsy to me as some have mentioned. My eggs don’t always come out completely nonstick but that’s not the reason I bought it. I prefer not to cook with oil and sometimes it does take a little soaking and some elbow grease to remove cooked on foods, but it cleans up quite nicely and fast. I haven’t seen any information regarding using metal utensils but I don’t want to scratch the surface so I am extremely careful when using this cookware. I did season it in the beginning as suggested and think I will season it every now and again to help maintain the protective shield.

Marilyn Simone
April 8th, 2013
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Yes - Best non-stick ever
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I bought my Yoshi Blue at Walmart. I have been using it almost daily for about 3 months now and I love it! My only complaint is that I didn’t get the lid also. I wish they were available at Walmart alongside the frying pan. Fortunately, I already had a heavy glass lid that fits the Yoshi Blue but it is not vented.
I had bought the Orgreenic first but was not happy with the outside finish it had. I have a gas stove and some of the finish on the Orgreenic scratched off with the first use. The Yoshi Blue is made much better.
I do usually use a very tiny bit of coconut oil or butter when I cook eggs or something in it but I don’t believe it would be necessary, I just prefer it. It is the absolute best non-stick skillet I have ever used. Every time I use it I am still amazed. I can scramble eggs in it and clean it with nothing but a quick rinse under hot water, no soap, and dry with a microfiber towel. It doesn’t say if you can use metal utensils or not so I don’t and so far my Yoshi Blue looks just like it did when I bought it.

October 17th, 2012
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Yes - Works As Described
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We bought ours at Walmart and have used it about 5 times and it works great, just as described. I like it so much I am giving one for a gift.

Barbara Johnson
March 26th, 2012
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