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Does Yoga Booty Ballet Really Work?

Yoga Booty Ballet is an approach to weight loss and body sculpting that combines elements of yoga, booty sculpting and cardio dance.  The benefit of this workout is its focus on the abdomen and booty, they say.  According to them, this fun routine makes you forget that you are exercising.  The program was designed by two fitness experts, Gillian Marloth and Teigh McDonough.  Women dance, sweat, slim down and feel great, they say.  This is a fat melting cardio workout, they say, that women can do and enjoy.  There are five workouts in this system.  Light & Easy applies ballet basics.  Cardio Cabaret uses party moves for fat burning.  Go-Go are leg and booty sculpting ballet moves for the butt, hips and thighs.  Latin Flavors are sexy moves to shrink your waistline, tighten abs and melt love handles.  And Body Sculpting tightens, sculpts, and tones muscles.

Yoga Booty Ballet Reviews

Yes - Highly Recommend it
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Great for beginners. Will help you improve balance and strength, and increase cardio if you are needing to get it going again. I like it. I found it sometimes cheesy, but if I just calmed my mind, I could let my body relax and then really get into those stretches and yoga poses. That was new to me. I did like that fact that I could try this all at home, privately. Then I got my hubby to do it. lol He was too cute and supportive. But he struggled with some of the poses, so I didn’t feel so bad. But I did feel so much better about myself after each workout.

October 18th, 2011
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Yes - For toning, stretching, & light workouts
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If you enjoy stretching and light weight training, you might enjoy these videos. People who are already in great shape will probably find them too easy, especially the “workout” videos. I don’t watch the metaphysical “be one with the universe” mantras at the beginning and the end of the workouts because I don’t believe in that, but the workouts themselves are a nice, relaxing “day off” from running, aerobics, or other high-intensity workouts. I haven’t lost any weight with this one, but I have improved my balance and flexibility, which is important as we get older.

Janet Cannon
July 10th, 2011
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