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Does Wonder Hanger Really Work?

This unique and efficient design of Wonder Hanger allows you to maximize the space and storage of your closet. It will help your closet organize and have a neat and wrinkle free clothes. It is made of high quality material of polypropylene, that won’t bend or sag, strong enough to hold up to 5 winter coats. Wonder hanger fits wood, metal or plastic hangers, for your clothes purses, belts and other accessories. The “on and off” design lets each hanger to rest on a closet rod either horizontally or vertically to make best use of storage. I can be use for your apartment, dorms and houses with limited closet space. Wonder hanger measures 9 ¾ X 1 X ¼ inches and comes in a set of eight pieces.

Wonder Hanger Reviews

Yes - Works, but not that Heavy-Duty
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I bought a bunch of these to hang my sweaters and most of my t-shirts on since I don’t have enough room in my dresser drawers.

I have found that the Wonder Hangers are best for lightweight clothing and not for clothing like heavy winter coats or jeans. I could only hang up to 3 pairs of jeans and even then it was a little too much for the Wonder Hanger.

The hooks aren’t quite as strong as the infomercials claim, but they still hold pretty well with not-so-heavy clothing.

As far as the clothes go, they don’t get wrinkled if you organize them properly. The best thing to do is make sure that all the sleeves are sticking out.

Overall, the Wonder Hanger works, but only for lightweight clothing like t-shirts and thin sweaters.

June 7th, 2011
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