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Does Wocket Smart Wallet Really Work?

Your wallet is the primary storage item for your credit cards, membership cards, cash, personal identification cards and the like and the sheer number of cards and bills that you stuff into your wallet can make it very unwieldy to bring around and dangerous to lose. If you are looking to replace your wallet with one that is more compact and secure while not compromising on the cards that you can bring then the Wocket Smart Wallet is one product that you might want to consider getting. The manufacturer claims that this Smart Wallet will replace as much as 10,000 different cards, allowing you to carry different cards and use them all from just one device. To use, simply swipe your cards into the WocketWallet card reader and it will automatically store your information. When you will need to use a card stored in the Wocket, simply use the touch screen to select the card that you want to use, remove the WocketCard from the Wocket’s back pocket and swipe it just like you would a regular card and the transaction should be done. With the Wocket Smart Wallet, the manufacturer promises that you will be able to maintain the functionality and security of multiple credit, debit and other identification cards all from one compact and easy to bring device.

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