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Do Who Knew? Books Really Work?

People often look for convenient solutions for simple daily life problems. These troubles can be as petty as knowing how to avoid spoiling too much food in the house to a bit more complicated financial ones like saving money. Hence, this series of reference books promises to give out simple pointers on how to go about a number of everyday situations. Branded as the “Who Knew?” book series, these two books promise to deliver useful tips and answers to ordinary issues like money and time, household cleaning, homemaking, etc. This book can be ordered online and comes with 3 additional books that claim to be helpful in petty things related to lifestyle, beauty, and as well as doing groceries using coupons and freebies.

Who Knew? Books Reviews

No - Classic Remedies - Don't buy the book
2 stars2 stars2 stars2 stars2 stars

I have always been interested in alternatives to buying the most expensive products…& I have a couple family secrets that I use and they DO work, so when I heard some things that sounded intresting and for things I REALLY could use I tried it. One for example was that you could use ammonia for a bug bite. Well, I got bit by a mosquito and dabbed some ammonia on it…Nothing. Then there was a tip to put smelly sneakers in freezer – Nope. Just froze the smell. I’m not really impressed with the tips. I’d much rather stick to old family secrets.

April 22nd, 2012
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