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Does Whipper Snapper Really Work?

Are you tired of using beaters and whisks to beat eggs, whip cream and the like? The Whipper Snapper could help you out. It is a uniquely designed hand held mixer that features a pumping action that powerfully and quickly mixes, whisks or beats various cooking ingredients. Unlike blenders or electric whisks that can be bulky and impractical to use, the Whipper Snapper is slim and lightweight. The manufacturer claims that its pumping powered action as well as light weight and small size makes the Whipper Snapper very easy to use and will speed up cooking. The manufacturer also claims that the Whipper Snapper is dishwasher safe, making it easy to clean as well. The manufacturer promises that the Whipper Snapper will be a very useful addition to anyone’s kitchen.

Whipper Snapper Reviews

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It’s so much easier to use a regular whisk. And besides, I can see this causing scratches in the bowl. I threw mine away.

Jenn Johnson
April 3rd, 2016
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