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Does Weight Watchers Really Work?

Weight Watchers has a totally new program called points plus. This was created because dieting has changed over the past ten years. This program has taken out it’s old point plus system and replaced it with a new one. It’s a completely new approach that is efficient and safe. It’s a steady and consistent weight loss t program that is effective for any person desiring cut down on his or her weight. By using your points intelligently, you will be eating foods that are rich in protein and fiber. This will help you from feeling hungry and make you feel full instead, reducing the desire to start snacking. You will lose weight in a healthier manner. Going through Weight Watchers and its point plus program will create a calorie deficit. You’ll burn more calories while eating less.

Weight Watchers Reviews

No - Points "Plus" gets an F MINUS
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I began Weight Watchers on the Momentum Program. It wasn’t effortless, but it did work, and I lost over 50 pounds. I was certain I would be committed to it for life.

But then, BAM, out of the blue, the entire program changed. Suddenly, a gram of carbs is weighed like an anvil. The eating plan that had worked so well for me was discarded without thought and without giving me any options. I listened to the leaders raving about the “new points plus.” I really did try it for a while. The fact is, it just didn’t work. Without adequate whole grains, I felt ravenous all the time. Well, fruit is “free,” so I guess I’ll have watermelon. THE WHOLE THING. All the portion control I’d mastered went bye-bye. And I GAINED 10 pounds in two weeks a month into the new program (and yes, I stayed within the points limits).

If you like programs like Adkins, you will probably like this “new” Weight Watchers program. (Actually, it’s not *really* new, it’s just an updated twist on the old Core system.) If your metabolism is more geared to respond to a Pritikin approach, steer far, far clear of Weight Watchers.

June 20th, 2013
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Yes - If YOU work, IT works!
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I had tried the ‘old’ points system, and did lose weight with it – but I felt a bit deprived – so when I began to travel frequently for work, I quit trying……

After a few years off the program (during which the weight came back, of course) I returned and found that I really LOVED the new Points Plus program!…..

I’m a BIG EATER, so I eased back into it by sticking to their ‘Power Foods’ list and eating as much as I needed to feel satisfied – without having to measure or track points. I ate a LOT and still lost weight, but was weaned off junk foods in the process. After a month or so, felt ready to move on to the ‘Points Plus’ program……

The biggest difference in the new program is that now almost all fresh fruits and vegetables are “free”. I can eat as much as I want of these items, and as long as I don’t go over my ‘points’ allowance with other foods, I LOSE WEIGHT — without having to give up any specific food items……

I also enjoy the meetings and the support of others who are dealing with the same issues as I am.

July 13th, 2011
Mesa, AZ
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Yes - Not for me.
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I have tried weight watchers many times over the years and seen many changes. It works for many people but it only worked once for me and I did not eat as much as they said I could to do it.
I think because it is designed to work with most body types but not all. If I ate my allowance each day I would gain weight and I did at times. I was once told to stop drinking water to see if it would work better for me.
I am not an eater and I have never been one. I prefer one meal a day after 6.00PM and I know this is wrong. It also causes weight gain in my case. I have a very slow metabolism and thyroid problems that don’t help.
I designed my own diet that works for my body and I have to force myself to eat 6 small meals a day It gets easier as the first meal of the day makes you hungry. I drink a lot of water because I love it.
I don’t drink coffee, alcohol and I have never eaten fats, salt or sugar because I don’t like them. Only natural ones in fruit and food. So my body type was always going to be a problem for weight watchers. I would and still do recommend them to other people because they do work for most and over the years they are updating and they don’t stop learning. They also teach you to lose weight in a healthy way and they always have.
I have seen some amazing successes but I was not one of them. I have also seen so many lose all of their weight and put it back on again because they didn’t understand the lifestyle change part.
If I get upset or anxious I still stop eating and gain weight but I never go too far before I correct it again. I think weight watchers could do a little more education here for when the weight is gone.

June 14th, 2011
Melbourne, Australia
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Yes - Work, it does
4 stars4 stars4 stars4 stars4 stars

The new points plus system most definitely works. I have had good success over the last few months. It was very challenging for the first week. I have accepted that this is not a diet, but a lifelong eating plan

June 14th, 2011
Redmond, WA
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