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Does Wealth Without Risk from Saen Higgins Really Work?

Wealth Without Risk is a program from Saen Higgins that is meant for persons who want to make their own portfolio by investing in properties with tax liens. They can earn at least twenty five percent depending on the amount of tax lien certificates they do get hold of. This happens when a person gets into financial trouble and he cannot afford the payments on their property tax obligations. When they have come to the end of their redemption and cannot pay, their home is foreclosed. This gives you the chance to get hold of their property. With a small investment of twenty dollars, you can get into this business. You will have the option to earn on foreclosed properties and government tax lien certificates. This is permitted by law and you can earn sixteen percent a year. These properties are also debt free.

Wealth Without Risk from Saen Higgins Reviews

No - A lot harder than the claims
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Unless you inherit a fortune, there’s no such thing as “wealth without risk.” Sure, you can indeed make money, but every penny you pay in is on the line, as tax liens are VERY risky.

Tax liens are a game for the very lucky and the very unscrupulous; this Saen Higgins character is the latter. If he’s made so much money this way, he would have absolutely no need to make money by trying to sucker you into buying books, DVDs, etc.

As for myself, I’ll just stick to the stock market. I don’t exactly match the “guaranteed 16% returns” he claims I’ll get using his system; in fact, I averaged around 10% for the past 15 years, including some years with losses, and a year where I made ~25%. However, it’s a lot safer and easier way to make money long-term.

December 21st, 2017
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Yes - Absolutely!- If you follow the system
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My husband and I bought this program and enrolled in Saen’s seminar. Without buying all the extra coaching, we were able to follow his easy steps and within 4 months acquired a property for less than $4k which has a Fair Market Value of $150K. In less than a year we owned $750K worth of property and now it has been 14 months and we have other people asking us how we did it. […] Both my husband and I do this full time while raising our children and it has been a complete blessing! If you’re committed – this is a great system, but you have to put the time and work into the system to make the $.

April 12th, 2013
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Yes - Cautious
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So I am very cautious because there are soo many scams out there but I said “hey guaranteed by law hmmm sound to good.” I ordered the book from the tv show and I also got 2 dvds as well. They were very motivational. So I get a call about a week after I ordered it. They asked me a lot of questions then mentioned a success team. I next spoke with a director by the name of Eric. He was very wise and humble. He offered me a coach to help me step by step I paid 25,000 because I wanted to see him face to face. I’m not very computer literate so he flew to my house from Flordia and he helped me so much. I am proud to say I have already purchased 5 liens and have gotten 3 back already and made 7000 dollars back already it only took 1 year so yes I would recommend this to anyone. They have different packages to fit everyone’s income.

October 25th, 2011
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