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Does Vonage Really Work?

Vonage phone service offers the opportunity to avail of unlimited phone conversations whether locally or long distance, and at very low rates, they say.  At the same time, Vonage claims the voice is very clear with a good, reliable, and strong connection.  Vonage VOIP stands for voice, over internet protocol.  They claim to be so easy to use, that even those who are always confused by things that are technological will have no trouble using it.  Simply by attaching your Vonage to your computer, you can access your internet and still use your own phone to make your precious phone calls and to receigve calls as well, they say.  As long as you have broadband, otherwise known as a high-speed internet connection with cable modem or DSL, plus any phone, you can make use of Vonage.

Vonage Reviews

Yes - Excellent call quality
5 stars5 stars5 stars5 stars5 stars

I switched from verizon and couldn’t be happier. Excellent call quality and a tons of features for a much better price.

March 27th, 2012
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Yes - Happy with my phone service
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I went from Qwest (local phone co) & their large bills to MagicJack. After having a hard time with MagicJack (see my MagicJack review) I went to Vonage. I knew a little about Vonage since I talked my boss into getting it several years ago but since I didn’t have the proper internet connection I never switched to it. I am on a very tight budget & switching to Vonage has saved me a lot of money. I went online & ordered the cheapest package since I don’t use the phone a lot. My bill has not been close to $20 even with all the taxes. The phone I was using with MagicJack wouldn’t show anything on the caller id but now with Vonage it does. I can turn my computer off & my phone still works since it is plugged into the modem instead of the computer itself. Yes if your internet connection is out then so is your phone however it doesn’t happen very often. Of course phone lines go down at times as well so there is never an “always working” phone service however some services are better than others. They provide more than one way to contact customer service & so far their employees have been very helpful & friendly. I have had the phone for over 4 months now & all my issues haven’t added up to just one day’s worth of issues with the MagicJack. I am so glad I switched to Vonage & threw out the MagicJack. My calls are finally clear again!!

April 25th, 2011
Federal Way, WA
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Yes - It DOES work...but with limitations
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My partner is the phone nut and could describe Vonage much better than I ever could but MY experience with it has been, overall, positive. First and foremost, you WILL save money with Vonage! The savings over traditional phone companies isn’t just a few dollars; we easily halved our phone bill – or better – and received amenities that would have skyrocketed our BellSouth bill had we ever asked for them. As with ALL internet phone services – including the Magic Jack apparatus – phone service is dependent on your internet service: when the internet is out, so is your phone. We’ve also found using Vonage – or ANY internet phone service – problematic with DSL; we tried using ours in or just outside libraries during a recent camping expedition and found, at best, spotty service. When we first signed up for Vonage service, back in 2005, they didn’t yet have area codes available for our area (Panama City, FL), so we were given a Miami area code, which meant that those who called us – even our neighbors in town – had to call us long-distance. It’s my understanding this is still the case with some areas throughout the country. Another potential downside is that the customer service hasn’t always been the best; some reps are knowledgeable and reliable, while others seem almost to have never been trained and read from a prepared script. Still, this is better than NO customer service (see my review of Magic Jack). But customer service issues and DSL issues aside, does the product work as it is described? Yes, it does. And you WILL save money. In this case, the pros definitely outweigh any cons.

John Abramson
October 28th, 2009
Key West, FL, USA
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