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Does Veggetti Pro Really Work?

Pasta based dishes can be extremely delicious but the problem is that they also contain a lot of calories and carbs that can make them unhealthy. With the Veggetti Pro however, you just might be able to make pasta dishes that are delicious yet very healthy. The manufacturer claims that the Veggetti Pro makes it very easy for you to create vegetable based pasta with ease. It comes with Thin, Thick and Ribbon blades that makes it very easy for you to cut through the toughest vegetables including onions, potatoes, carrots and zucchini with ease. To use the Veggetti Pro, simply slide your blade of choice, insert the vegetable that you want to cut, turn the handle and your vegetable pasta should slide out of the machine with very little hassle on your part. The VeggettiPro will allow you to create pasta that is delicious yet at the same time very low in carbs and calories and with these as the base for your pasta dishes; the manufacturer promises that you will be able to enjoy the flavour of pasta dishes without the negative impact to your health.

Veggetti Pro Reviews

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I have bad hands and got this product for Christmas the pro veggetti with the handle the handle broke off after the second time I used it. It worked well but the screw stripped or just broke.

May 20th, 2016
Exeter, NH
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