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Does Varilux Lenses Really Work?

Varilux Lenses are a line of progressive lens designed to get rid of the need to have more than just one pair of eyeglasses, thick lenses, and bifocals multiple eyeglasses, thick lenses, and bifocals that split the lens in two in order to accommodate distance vision and near vision. Varilux Lenses claims to be the closest a presbyope can get to natural vision. The main difference between Varilux’s progressive lenses and a bifocals is said to be the former’s ability to provide a wide range of viewing distances, as opposed to the latter’s dual capability. With a traditional bifocal lens, the wearer is only given a distinct distance and near viewing area. The progressive lens, on the other hand, claims to provide a continuous clear field of vision from distance to near and everything in between, which better simulates natural vision.

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