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Does V Chic Really Work?

Are you worried about the health effects of smoking but just can’t seem to let go of it? An e-cigarette is what you need, and the V Chic could be the e-cigarette that fits you. The manufacturer claims that V Chic is an e-cigarette that looks and feels just like a real cigarette, and it tastes just like one too. With the VChic, you only inhale vapor, and not smoke. Not only does this allow you to smoke virtually anywhere, you are also free from the smoke that makes smoking so dangerous to the health because of the harmful byproducts of burning that it contains like carbon monoxide. With the V Chic, the manufacturer promises that you can enjoy the cigarette smoking experience without the limitations.

V Chic Reviews

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I was very disappointed with this product because the ad on television is a fraud.
they promise you a carton and half a case and filters that equal a carton and a half of cigarettes. I did not get anything that was advertised on the commercial except 2 filter and the top of the cigarette with the battery. They claim that one filter is equal to 5 packs 0f cigarettes/ Bull it is not even egual to half a pack. The battery is dead already. I hardly even used it and it doesn’t work . I actually would give it a rating of zero. Oh yeah they also sent me a ubs charger. Do not buy this product and what they promise on their commercial is lies, false advertising. when I talked to someone on the phone thsy denied that they gave you what they offered on the commercial. I wish that I did not try this product absolutely worthless.

April 1st, 2014
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