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Does Urine Gone Really Work?

Urine Gone cleaning system claims that it works fast to eliminate odors and/or stains that are caused by pets or people accidents.  The Urine Gone proffers itself as the Stain & Odor Eliminator of choice.  It claims that is enzyme action gives it extra strength to get at the root of the problem of odors primarily caused by people’s much loved pets.  Although we may love our pets, we hate the mess they make and for this reason Urine Gone claims to find its purpose, to find and eliminate odor causing problems on carpets, rugs, furniture, floors, beds, bathrooms, and other areas where messes are made by pets or where people accidents may happen to occur.  Even old stains deep in mattresses and foam have no chance, they claim because with Urine Gone they will simply be gone.  Period.

Urine Gone Reviews

Yes - Works well
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This stuff is a bit pricey for the volume of liquid but it does get rid of dog urine odor. I don’t look at this product as a floor or furniture cleanser but as something to us to get rid of the urine smell that lingers afterwards if you didn’t clean it up after it dried. Stains you find under the furniture years later fade away well with the use of this product but not completely.

May 21st, 2011
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