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Does Tums Really Work?

It is usually a pleasure to eat. However, this enjoyable activity may sometimes be a cause of painful discomforts due to acid indigestion, heartburn, and indigestion. Relieving the symptoms of “sour stomach” is possible with the help of various medications that are readily available over the counter. This includes Tums, an antacid that promises to aid the effects of acid indigestion and heartburn. The manufacturer of Tums claims that this product can provide relief to these discomforts quickly and safely. Tums, which is also considered as a calcium supplement is said to contain Famotidine, Calcium carbonate and Magnesium hydroxide. This over-the-counter drug is available in tablets, chewable tablets, capsules and syrup. It also comes in a variety different flavors such as peppermint, berries, and orange.

Tums Reviews

Yes - Fast Relief
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A few days after Thanksgiving I ate some food & didn’t realize I was still stuffed from the Holidays! When I headed for bed around midnight, my stomach was bothering me so badly that I couldn’t breathe normally. My husband genorously got out of bed went to a local store and brought me Tums. After a half hour the tightness and discomfort in my stomach was gone. Tums works great!

January 6th, 2012
SF Bay Area
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