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Does Tummy Stuffer Really Work?

Influencing kids to be organized at a very young age is a bit difficult. Mostly, kids are too tired and lazy to keep their own personal stuff after use. However, if done creatively, kids will be engaged and interested. Tummy Stuffer claims to be the best way for kids to keep their personal things including underwear, belts, hats and all other items that will fit. For infants, the Tummy Stuffer is perfect for mittens, bibs, and blankets. This product offers to make every room in the house clear and clean by keeping small items of kids organized. Kids are also said to love Tummy Stuffer since it is available in different colors and designs. The Tummy Stuffers are also ideal to be used for sleepovers because it can be converted into a pillow.

Tummy Stuffer Reviews

No - An Excuse
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Tummy Stuffers are just a place for kids to put their stuff when they don’t want to actually clean their rooms. It’s a horrible idea and they’re really ugly. I wouldn’t expect any sensible parent to buy this for their child. I do not mean to offend the people who made this product, because I’m sure they put lots of work into it. It was just a bad idea at the beginning. It’s basically a strapless backpack with no zipper. It’s an excuse for kids to be lazy. The need it tries to fill only gets bigger. For the parents who need more storage containers for their children, it’s best not let your children put in the items themselves, because they’ll just end up putting dirty clothes in there.

June 7th, 2014
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