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Does Tracfone Really Work?

Mobile phones have gone far from being a mere luxury to a necessity. This being said, more and more mobile phone users are after the best deals to save on their phone bills. One option available is Tracfone, a mobile phone company that provides prepaid mobile services to their clients. Tracfone claims that their service differs from other mobile phone brands for having no contracts and credit check requirements. The pay-as-you-go prepaid service being provided by Tracfone is said to free subscribers from having monthly bills and paying activation fees. Tracfone also promises nationwide cellular coverage to its subscribers in the United States, claiming to bring its service available to 99% of the population as it partners with the country’s major cellular networks.

Tracfone Reviews

Yes - Has its flaws
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The service is really great. [..] I had them for about 8 years and I had a total of about 10 dropped calls. I think all their phones have roaming at one minute as well now, but each phone has its individual flaws. I went though 3 due to flaws and then 2 due to wanting to update. […] Caution, don’t get this if you’re a chatterbox though. It provides a minimal amount of minutes over a duration of time. The phones cost little compared to major services.

Cody Bosch
April 27th, 2013
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Yes - Great way to have a cell phone!
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If you don’t use a lot of minutes and only use a cell phone for emergencies, this is the best way. It works just like a regular cell phone, except there’s no monthly fee and you buy minutes as you need them.

When I first got a cell phone, I got the trac phone. Directly after Hurricane Andrew, it was the ONLY cell phone that worked. I switched to a regular cell phone because I started using more minutes.

It’s NOT a good cell phone if you make a lot of calls, it can cost far more than a regular cell phone. But it’s PERFECT if you don’t use a cell phone all that often but don’t want to pay $45-$80 /month for using less than 100 minutes per month and the minutes you buy don’t expire real soon so you can save money if you don’t use a cell phone very often.

Carmen Corridon
May 16th, 2012
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