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Does Tomato Factory Really Work?

You can use the Tomato Factory to grow tomato plants that will resemble trees. Raising these tomato plants becomes easier when you use this product. You do not need to dig or do weeding while growing your tomato plants. It lessens all the hassles you have to go through. If you want these tomato plants to continually grow you must fill, plant and water it. Just wait and you will notice your tomato plants growing each day. Tomato Factory was designed to have soil aeration. It gives the sun the opportunity for its rays to heat up the roots of the tomato plants. It uses the technology called the greenhouse effect. This method stimulates growth and it will let the tomatoes continually grow. Place it on your back or front yard, porch or balcony and it will just grow.

Tomato Factory Reviews

No - Waste of money
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You receive tiny pots two inches wide with a sand mixture with hopefully seeds in them. You have to grow them from the seeds. These are not plants like in the commercial, to grow tomato’s from seeds is extremely hard and time consuming plus the pot is just an ugly plastic bag, much cheaper to buy grown tomato plants from a green house,plant in your garden surround with plastic or mulch.

July 3rd, 2011
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No - Waste of time and money
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Followed instructions on Tomato factory exactly. After 3 weeks had 1 shoot in each small planter measuring about 1 inch high. Transplanted into my garden. Watered lightly and the very next day all three were dead. I think this is the same company that sells super blueberries. 2 of those are also dead. The third one shows a green shoot which hasn’t grown more than the 1/2 inch showing for the past 2 weeks. Live and learn. Super tomatoes are super rip offs

June 1st, 2011
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