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Does Think and Lose Really Work?

Think and Lose is a one of a kind weight loss program that allows the dieter to choose the type of food that they want to eat in less amount. As a result, you will still feel satisfied and full but you will be consuming fewer calories, making you naturally lose weight. It is developed by Don Mannarino, a clinical hypnotherapist for health organizations, hospitals and corporations. Think and Lose’s official website offers a free 30 day trial and they have testimonials from previous customers as well. This program only needs a few minutes of your time each day and promises to help you lose cravings for foods that have high fat content. This program is an option for individuals who want to shed off excess pounds but does not want to take pills, go on a diet or undergo surgical treatments and procedures.

Think and Lose Reviews

Yes - It does work
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What this has done for me is I eat smaller portions, because I pay attention to my stomach’s responses, I am aware when I am full. I do not snack any more, I feel no need for snacking. I am sure I would be over 200 pounds if I had not found this tape. I am staying at a reasonable weight and when I retire I will fully commit to this program. Which will be soon.

June 15th, 2015
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Yes - It Works!
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I purchased this product 2 years ago and over the summer I lost approx. 20 lbs. but one problem occured, I lost my appetite. I called Don Marinnarino’s 800 # and he called me himself. We talked and he gave me a suggestion and I felt better. That was personal and direct. I recently started to use the cd again and I feel so relaxed and it’s great. There are entire centers dedicated to hypnosis and this one is something you can use at home. I like it and I’m ready to lose more weight now that I’ve had my babies.

July 30th, 2011
Playa Del Rey
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