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Does Theradome Really Work?

Theradome claims to be the first and only laser hair therapy recognized by the FDA OTC. Designed for home use, the Theradome is said to provide clinical level laser hair treatment without spending thousands of dollars on multiple clinic sessions. Treatment using Theradome can be done from the comforts of one’s home. The unit comes as helmet device that does the same work done by expensive and bulky laser equipment, for a fraction of the price and without requiring any skilled technician or physician’s help. With the Theradome, a person is believed to grow new, healthy hair and double the follicle size of existing ones, while also slowing down and stopping hair loss.

Theradome Reviews

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Bought Theradome in December 2014 and it stopped charging in less than 30 days. Contacted them on January 17 and notified them of the problem. They said they would send a replacement and to send back the one we had.

After a couple of weeks I called again and they said I had to ship it back first, so I did. After a couple of more weeks I called again and they said the file was “Pending” until they received the unit – which UPS showed as delivered over a week before, on February 6. They said they would research and call back…no call.

Called again and they said they really didn’t know much about the unit and were working on it…and would call me with update. No call again.

Called again and they said they were waiting for “upper management” to approve the refund. I reminded them again (which I had done before) that we didn’t want a refund, just a functioning unit. They promised to call again. Again, no call.

Called again and got much of the same runaround…along with another promise to call with an update. Again, no call.

Finally was told that they had approved my refund (!) which wasn’t what I wanted originally, but it was now 2 months after starting this process and I was tired of dealing with them and, frankly, wary of getting another unit from them that might not work properly and have to spend hours dealing with that – so I took the refund.

Refund showed up with a $50 deduction for a “restocking fee”! When I questioned it, they said the unit worked fine (which means they were either lying or didn’t actually test it properly, because it absolutely didn’t work right – or I never would have sent it back!) and the fine print on the order said that any returns of functioning equipment would be charged that fee.

They still insist the unit works properly, which means they will almost certainly ship it to another unsuspecting customer.

The unit didn’t work long enough for me to tell if it did anything for my hair – but I would strongly recommend avoiding buying anything from Toppik…they are an absolute nightmare to try to work with if there is a problem.

James Klug
March 27th, 2015
Aptos, CA
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