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Does The Perfect Dog Command Collar Really Work?

Dog training is comparable to child rearing for some dog owners. They allot ample time to train their dogs, be it walking, running or playing catch with them. But there are certain dogs that are not easy to train. Enrolling a dog in dog training class may be one solution, trying training products may be another. One of these products is the Perfect Dog Command Collar. It claims to function just the same as the typical collar but is designed to mimic a mother dog’s natural corrective process. This feeling is said to make the dog behave and follow commands from the trainer. The Perfect Dog Command collar is said to fit any dog, regardless of size, due to its quick-fit links that can be easily adjusted. This product also includes an instructional video to help the trainer use it most effectively.

The Perfect Dog Command Collar Reviews

No - Broke in 30 seconds
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I got this to help my 6 month yellow lad from pulling
well it broke in 30 sec and away went my dog NEVER AGAIN DON NOT BUY TOTLA JUNK

Norm Reynolds
January 12th, 2018
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Yes - It works, but ...
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I work with dogs and have tried a lot of different collars, halters and harnesses over the years – everything from the traditional choke chain to the head halters.

I had a chance to try this collar out and I wouldn’t recommend it to my training clients or my dog friends. This is essentially exactly the same as a standard prong collar except that it’s made from plastic. Like a regular prong, this has a limited-slip (martingale) type design that tightens. The biggest difference between it and a traditional prong is the fact that this doesn’t look as “mean” as a traditional prong.

I found the plastic to be worrisome – I’d never recommend a plastic collar or even a nylon collar with a plastic buckle – for a large, strong dog and especially not for training. I have no doubt that this would break if a 75lbs German Shepherd tried to lunge. I also thought that the plastic points on this seemed a lot sharper than the rounded metal prongs on a good quality prong collar.

I kind of hate the commercials because they show how a traditional prong collar would pop a balloon … well, so will this thing if you give it a tug!

I think this is a complete waste of money. If you need a prong-type collar to control your dog, or in the process of training, buy an actual prong collar from a quality manufacturer and don’t waste your money on this.

June 4th, 2012
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