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Does Tank Nanny Really Work?

According to the Tank Nanny, one should never underestimate the harm that can be incurred when propane is set loose. And yet, we regularly need to refill our propane, which means transporting our tank in our cars to get refilled, then bringing them back home again. For more safety, the Tank Nanny can be used to keep your tank still and steady when driving one’s truck or car. It gives you peace of mind, they claim to not have to worry about the tank rolling or tipping in the back of your car or pickup truck. Plus your car is spared of dirt, rust and stains in the interior, they claim. The Tank Nanny has been tested up to 35 mph without additional buckling and it showed no signs of tipping. Plus, the Tank Nanny has a side slot so that you can buckle your tank into your seat belt for added peace of mind, they claim.

Tank Nanny Reviews

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This is just one of those really great ideas you can’t believe wasn’t around forever. I used to hate making that trip to fill up the tank when hubby wanted to grill. Gross tank, propping up with groceries. No more! With this thing you just set the propane in your car and worry no more. Most of the propane dealers in our area now sell them. I recommend it!

Alli Warrington
January 20th, 2011
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