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Does The Swedish Diet Really Work?

With tedious efforts one needs to pour into exercising and dieting, more and more people are searching for those convenient ways to shape up and keep one’s body figure. The Swedish Diet is one of those products that offer such option. It is a liquid concentrate that is said to be packed with nutrients formulated for people who are reducing their weight or are simply in need of something that will maintain their health. Once mixed with 8 oz of water, The Swedish Diet promises to be the drink that contains different juice blends rich in vitamins and minerals. Taking the Swedish Diet, however, requires that the person follow a diet plan that comes along with the product. According to the instructions on its website, it is taken daily in place of breakfast and each box of the Swedish Diet last for a week.

Swedish Diet Reviews

Yes - Healthy way to lose weight
4 stars4 stars4 stars4 stars4 stars

[..] I used it for one week. I did exactly what it asked me to do. First week was difficult as I feel the body is adjusting to the new habbit. I had hunger spans, also ended up eating unhealthy foods. I thought this product was a joke. Felt even heavier and lbs seemed to be going up than down. This product is not cheap in Kenya. I felt I just wasted money. But when the week came to an end I felt different. I felt more energetic, didn’t feel hungry and had healthy meals. Its brought all natural change in me. My skin is glowing! I feel lighter! Tomorrow second week also ending. I have lost 4.4lbs already!

Priya Shah
March 11th, 2013
Nairobi, Kenya
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