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Does Sudden Change Really Work?

Aging comes with different changes in our body and appearance. One of which are unwanted wrinkles that shows in various areas of the face. Eye bags, dark circles and crow’s feet are just some of the undesirable marks that show. That is why available products and solutions to help those who are suffering from these problems remain as must-haves. Sudden Change among them is an anti-aging product that helps smooth the area around the eyes. This serum can be easily applied to the problem area and is said to take effect in minutes. With its cosmetic formulation, Sudden Change promises to relax areas around the eyes that lessen the visibility of wrinkles. Apart from the regular Sudden Change eye serum, every purchase comes with an additional purse-size version as well as a green tea Sudden Change facial mask that promises to provide the same benefits for the facial skin.

Sudden Change Reviews

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I’ve used this for years & it works! To get the most out of it, remember, less is more. Wash your face and after its dry, apply one drop to the tip of your finger – I use middle finger. Gently touch it to your under eye from the bridge of your nose to the outter eye, glide it on, don’t rub it in. You can do a second or third sweep to spread the product out. Then, do the other eye. I take a third drop and dab part of it in the frown area between eyes & the rest on forehead. Feather the bridge area upward, then from center to each side of forehead – again no pressure. I split one more drop and place it on those clown folds – side of nostril to corner of mouth. Don’t change your facial expression till its dry – less than 2-3 min. The application I do takes less than a minute to apply. I use Bare Minerals powder foundation – I have for over 10 years – it works perfectly! I have so many people remark I don’t look my age (55) and 8-9 hours after application it still holds up. My skin is sensitive, but Sudden Change doesn’t cause problems. Better than Instatox, or any instant firming serum or cream I’ve found.

November 3rd, 2014
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No - Dry and Flaky
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Very disappointed, saw no difference whatsoever and it dried out and there is no way you can apply make up with it. Made my under eyes look more wrinkled and I am returning it ASAP.

July 21st, 2014
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