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Does Stihl Chainsaw Really Work?

People who take on tough jobs need to invest in equipment that will help make their tasks easier. When it comes to chainsaws, one of the brands that a workingman can opt for is Stihl. Founded by Andreas Stihl, who is believed to have built the first chainsaw, Stihl Chainsaw is a product line of tools and equipments that offers a variety of chainsaws for different jobs like farming, lumbering and construction. Stihl Chainsaws are said to be equipped with modern safety features such as the Stihl Quickstop chain braking system for easier control together with a built-in hand guard and large handles for grip and protection. The Ematic bar component of Stihl Chainsaw also promises to cut down oil usage while its muffler reduces the noise level.

Stihl Chainsaw Reviews

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I have a Stihl model 041 Farm Boss that I purchased new in 1981. I have cut thousands of ricks of firewood with this saw and used it to clear over 200 acres of land. With regular maintenance this saw has never failed me. I have had to replace the bar, sprocket, and chain multiple times, but then with the use and abuse I have given this saw these items are expected to wear out. Even though mine is an older model saw, I feel it is the only one I will ever need. If Stihl’s modern products are even half as rugged as my saw I would have to give them two thumbs up. Stihl saws are quite a bit more expensive than the cheapo saws you can get at home centers and discount stores, but if you want a work-a-day saw that won’t quit…. get a Stihl. It will be the last saw you ever have to buy.

Bill Rember
January 18th, 2012
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