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Does Squishy Baff Really Work?

Bath time can sometimes be an undesirable activity for toddlers. To help parents, the product Squishy Baff turns water into gel goo to make bathing more fun for kids. This bathing powder comes in four different colors namely red, green, pink and blue. Each color comes in different packs. To use, a pack of the Squishy Baff powder is poured to the tub filled with water. One pack of the product is said to treat 20 gallons of water and every purchase of Squishy Baff will last up to four baths. This product claims to be non-toxic and safe for children. Squishy also come with a dissolver which if poured in, returns the colored goop back into plain water before draining it away.

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I bought this for my kids when we went on vacation and stayed in a cabin as something fun and different for them to do as well as a lure to get them in the bath at the end of a day. The first part works great, the powder turns the bath in to a pool of jell-o and they did have a fun time squishing in it for about 45 min’s. When it was time to drain it the product that you are to add to make it turn into water again only worked half way. The directions state that you are to use table salt if the packet doesn’t work sufficiently. My husband drove into town and bought a large container of salt and using about half of it still did not work. I had to use a few bath towels and wipe up large amounts of gelatin granules and shake them outside (repeat x 8). The product IS fun for kids BUT I would highly recommend this be an outside in the kiddie pool activity. It will clog up your tub drain.

May 4th, 2013
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It was a wonderfully squishy miracle for the children and I also enjoyed it very much.

March 11th, 2012
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