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Does Spotless Paw Really Work?

Spotless Paw Dog Paw Cleaning Glove claims to be the solution to the problem of your dog getting wet, dirty dog paws from playing outside, then messing up the floor when they come indoors. Before that happens, you can use Spotless Paw, which they describe as a glove made of soft, super absorbent microfiber fabric. With Spotless Paw, you can gently clean each paw before your dog enters the house by wearing the glove on one hand and rubbing off the dirt from each paw to make it clean. The glove is made with six fingers so that it can be comfortably worn in either the left or right hand. Spotless Paw can be looped over a doorknob, handle, or attached to your belt loop. An extra one can be stashed in the car’s glove compartment so that when you take your dog out, you can clean their paws before they enter the car. Spotless Paw works without water, and any mud you rub off your dog’s paw will dry quickly, they say.

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Yes - Better than imagined
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I love Spotless Paw. One glove will clean the mud off my Golden mix. I highly recommend this super glove.

May 4th, 2011
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