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Does Sonicare Airfloss Really Work?

No one would want toothache to prevent him or her from doing everyday tasks appropriately. Proper hygiene, such as regular tooth brushing, is one way of getting rid of these problems. So is flossing. Doctors recommend flossing to do away with tooth problems caused by plaque that is not removed simply by brushing. Sonicare Airfloss claims to provide a better way of cleaning your teeth without the pains of dental flosses. This product is said to use a technology called microburst, which is described as pressurized air that bursts out of its nozzle, pushing everything that toothbrushes have left off in between teeth, like bacteria-causing plaque. To promote easy and efficient dental hygiene, Sonicare Airfloss promises to take only 60 seconds to cleaning the teeth.

Sonicare Airfloss Reviews

Yes - If you can't floss, then use this!
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This product works great! Obviously, flossing is the best clean you can get, but if you hate flossing, then this is the next best thing you can do! Better than the waterpik, as the air floss is a burst of air and water where as the waterpik is a steady stream of water that can get messy. The air floss is more controllable. I never experienced any discomfort and I was surprised at how much stuff it got out! Definitely recommend this.

Amanda Christensen
August 30th, 2015
Hugo, MN
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Yes - I couldn't survive without it
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I bought my Sonicare Airfloss when it first came onto the market and have been using it regularly since.
It’s a great product that does what it says, it removes tooth debris from hard to reach places.
It does take time to become used to it as it can feel quite harsh and at times uncomfortable but the more you use it the more accustomed you become the more pleasant an experience!
I would say that it’s a definite investment, especially if you do have ‘sensitive’ gums as it does ‘harden’ them up!
My hygienist is very pleased with my oral hygiene!

December 14th, 2012
North Yorshire
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