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Does Songbird Hearing Aid Really Work?

Hearing aids are expensive, and finding a good affordable one is hard. According to Songbird Hearing Aid, they have the answer. The Songbird Hearing Aid has the same digital processing that other expensive aids have, they claim, but is more affordable. This hearing aid is also disposable, but its patented design provides 400 hours of active use, they say. It can last up to six months, they say, before there is a need to replace it. According to them, the Songbird Hearing Aid is convenient. There is no need for office fittings, and no worries, they say, regarding maintenance. There are no batteries to replace too, they add. This is why, they claim, it is more practical to spend on a Songbird Hearing Aid rather than spend thousands of dollars for the traditional version. There is, they say, the added advantage of convenience with the Songbird Hearing Aid because there is no need to go for office fittings, and no problems with maintenance, nor batteries to replace. According to them, the Songbird Hearing Aid is a discreet purchase. It hides behind your ear and is adjustable, so you get a comfortable and secure personal fit.

Songbird Hearing Aid Reviews

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I have used Songbird Ultra for a couple of years and find it helpful for improving some hearing situations. For the money it improves hearing by about 50% for me. I only wear it in certain instances and don’t need it all day long. It is a fix that can help but more than moderate loss needs something stronger and with more range.

October 26th, 2012
Los Angeles
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