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Does Soft Paws Really Work?

Declawing, also known as onychectomy, is the surgical removal of the claws or the bones that make them up. It is a painful operation, and has been considered a form of cruelty to cats. Introduced in 1990 by veterinarian/inventor Dr. Toby Wexler, Soft Paws has ever since been one of the most popular alternatives to declawing. A kit contains 40 vinyl nail caps which are be glued onto the cat’s nails using non-toxic glue. Some cats are said to take some time before getting accustomed to them, but most of the time the nail caps are exceptionally tolerable. The nail caps claim to not hinder the ability of cats to extend and retract their claws. They will still be able to stretch and scratch with their paws, but will not damage floors and furniture because of the nail caps.

Soft Paws Reviews

No - Hides a painful truth
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When we put this to my sheltie, everything seemed fine. She didnt seem to bother and we were happy because she wasn’t damaging the hardwood floors. We noticed she was starting to chew some of them out but we told ourselves that they’ll come off and overall she seemed fine.

One day, I was looking at her nails to see how much softpaws there were left, and i noticed a nail was chipped and had splitted in two at the end. So i tried to arranged that by cutting the off part, but I could easily touch her nail vein if i would have wanted. The nail was full of dirt inside cause of when she was outside.

So I looked at other nails and I notice that all of them have that pattern: a hole in the nail. That’s when I decided to stop using it. She is prone to infection now because of this, as dirt can enter her nails. I feel so bad to have imposed that on her.

Please don’t put that on your dog! The glue will destroy the nail, and your dog is simply not going to be comfortable in anyway! Trust me, it’s not worth trying.

June 30th, 2013
Ontario, Canada
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No - Likely to injure your pet.
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Here is what’s happened to my cats….
We had a house fire in November and have been in a hotel since. The only reason I even considered using the soft paws was being in the new environment; my two cats 11yrs and 5 yrs, would of course try scratching the different smelling furniture. Paying for scratched furniture at a hotel yikes!

I did some research on the soft paws, and found the reviews to be mixed from great to horrible. I decided to take both cats into the vet to have them applied in order to ensure that it was done properly, hopeful to avoid any issues.

At first they were great. Didn’t seem to bother either cat. After about the 1st hour they were both running around and playing as usual. After 6 weeks when they had not started coming off I started to get a bit nervous as this seemed to be in all the negative reviews I had come across.

I went to the soft paws site and looked around for how to get them off. I did as they suggested and cut the tips off. This did not work! They continued to grow out and curl towards the pads of their toes. I thought it wouldn’t be so bad, I could just keep trimming them down to prevent them from hitting their pads. It has now been just over 12 weeks and the majority of the soft paw covers are still on their nails.

The other day when I went to trim Mischiefs dew claw she growled at me, turned around, flattened her ears and forcefully put both front paws on my face. I thought she was going to attack me. Such a strange reaction. I soon realized why.. I was unable to see it until we got it out, but the back of the soft paw had grown into the pad of her toe. Her pad was bleeding when we managed to remove it.

They have started to injure my cats despite every effort I’ve made to prevent that. I immediately called the vet afraid that the rest hers or Mikas would start to do the same. I want them off!

The vet can not remove the glued on plastic without sedating the cats. All they can do is trim them down and try to wiggle them off as I have been doing. PLEASE, DO NOT PURCHASE THIS PRODUCT. I WISH I HADN’T!

February 11th, 2013
Ontario, Canada
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