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Does Soap Magic Really Work?

With Soap Magic one can wash one’s hands with many added conveniences, they say. First, this soap dispenser is hands free—unlike soap bars or other manual dispensers which require either holding (the soap bar) or pressing (the hands dispenser) down. With Soap Magic, one merely needs to wave one’s hand underneath the dispenser and the exact same amount of soap comes out every time, they say. They add that the soap dispenser is attractive and looks good in any part of your house. They claim you could fill it with hand sanitizer and leave it in the foyer, or place it on the bathroom sink, or fill it with lotion and leave it at your bedside. You could even use it for dishwashing liquid soap in the kitchen. In the office pantry Soap Magic also is convenient, they claim. Even when you are working in the garage Soap Magic is handy to keep around. If you have a baby and are giving the baby a bath, they add that the task becomes easier with Soap Magic. Another advantage proffered is that it works with any brand of liquid soap, hand sanitizer and lotion.

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Anything that gets my grandkids to wash their hands more often is OK by me, and Soap Magic is just too cool for them to pass up. The blue light that comes on while the soap is dispensing, and the nice little chime when the soap stops dispensing is such fun for them that they now have the cleanest grandkid hands in Texas. My husband likes it too, since he doesn’t have to touch anything with his frequently REALLY dirty hands in order to get soap. All in all, I have really enjoyed the product.

Donna L
September 23rd, 2010
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