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Does the Snuggie Really Work?

A revolutionary blanket that keeps you warm and comfortable, the Snnugie Fleece Blankets are designed and created to be worn, allowing you to use your hands while being entirely wrapped in warmth. It is made of soft, thick fleece and features oversized sleeves which will allow you to read write, use your laptops and remotes or use the phone. One size fits all. Snuggie Fleece Blankets are machine washable and is guaranteed to keep you warm for years. It is available in different prints, Zebra, Leopard, Royal Blue, Sage Green or Burgundy, so you have a lot of options to choose from. Snnugie for kids in blue and pink colors are also available. Each Snuggie Blanket includes a free auto opening one touch book light.

Snuggie Reviews

Yes - Very convenient for knitting, reading, typing, etc.
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I love my snuggie. It’s very convenient for knitting, reading, typing, etc. I really wish it had a snap or tie or something at the back in case you needed it at that moment (as I often do when leaning over the keyboard), but have found that wearing it backwards works just as well. Be aware that this is nice and long, so unless you’re well over 6′, you’ll trip over it if you try to walk in it. The regular Snuggie works just fine for me, but I tend to run warmer than other people, I see another reviewer here really prefers the deluxe, and I’d love to try that one, too. Especially now that I know it has pockets!

The book light – it was nice to see that review as well, I’ll throw in mine, too. I didn’t like this item as a book light, it’s kind of awkward and heavy, and as the other reviewer mentioned, it’s weird to read the ‘other’ page. However…this is a very handy light in my house. The angle on the neck of the light is great for seeing in to those little nooks and crannies I just can’t see, like looking for the right cleaning item under the sink – it’s also very handy for looking at my own throat when I’m checking for swollen tonsils! So I get a ton of use out of this light, and am happy with my ‘free gift with purchase’!

Erin S.
May 22nd, 2011
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Yes - Varsity Snuggie
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I got a Varsity Snuggie for Christmas this year. It is gray and made out of fleece. I love it. Although, sometimes depending on the person wearing it, It is kind of hard to walk around really fast. I love it though. It also comes with pockets. It is designed to look like a sweat shirt. It would look good on any body boy/girl. I recommend you using snuggie.

Joseph Dougherty
December 26th, 2010
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Yes - Surprisingly good!
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I got the regular blue Snuggie for Christmas. I always have a blanket when I relax on the couch for TV, so I was not expecting that this would be any better. A blankets a blanket, right? I was pleasantly surprised that the Snuggie is generously sized, the sleeves are just right, it’s long enough to cover your legs and feet. I also noticed it had a very slight musty smell until it was washed a few times. I find the thickness and warmth to be fine. I only have two complaints. First, every time I want the Snuggie, one of my cats is on it. The cats love it. I think I will have to buy one just for them. Second, I don’t like that it comes with a crappy little book light that I do not want. I try to be Earth friendly. This light is just another thing that will end up in a landfill. The Snuggie is good enough on it’s own, so I don’t know why they have to market it with an “extra bonus”. I hesitate to buy another Snuggie because then I will have two books lights that no one wants. If the Snuggie was just sold by itself, I would have rated it five stars.

January 27th, 2010
Newark, OH
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Yes - Deluxe Version of the Blanket with Sleeves is Worth Trying to Keep Your Hands Free
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One thing you should know is that there are actually two types of Snuggies available: The regular and the deluxe.

The first Snuggie I tried was the regular blanket with sleeves (in sage green!). The fabric on the regular Snuggie is made of a very thin fleece. It might be all right if you just want to put something over you, but it may not keep you very warm on a very cold day. In fact, if you get a regular Snuggie it will probably be the thinnest blanket you own. Also, I wonder how long the flimsy material will last with regular use and washing. The other thing I noticed is that my regular Snuggie had a mildly musty odor when I took it out of the box. But I really can’t say if this smell was just a problem of how my particular blanket was stored or if this is common with all regular Snuggies. Fortunately, the scent largely went away after the blanket was aired out.

The second Snuggie I used as the deluxe version (in red/burgundy). The fabric on the deluxe Snuggie is thicker and comparable to what you will find on a typical bed blanket. The deluxe Snuggie also contains two pockets in the front; I’m not sure how useful the pockets will really be to anyone but it couldn’t hurt. (I should also mention that my deluxe Snuggie did not have the musty smell that my regular one did.) Although the fleece on the deluxe Snuggie is warmer than the regular Snuggie, you probably have lots of blankets and quilts in your house that are thicker still. So I’m not sure if the Snuggie by itself will be warm enough on a really cold day.

How useful is the “blanket with sleeves” concept? I think if you are just going to watch TV, having sleeves on your blankets isn’t going to make much difference since you are probably going to use your hand only to occasionally work the remote control. But if your are engaging in an activity that requires your hands to be used—such as reading, writing, using your laptop computer, knitting, or talking on the phone—then a blanket with sleeves like the Snuggie can be very convenient.

I’d also like to review the “book light” that comes as a free bonus when you buy the Snuggie. The book light looks good and when you press the button to open it for use it has a very cool motion. It also closes into a compact 4.5 inch shape, which helps save space when you store it. It comes with batteries included. I attached it a book cover to read in the dark. While the book light did a good job of lighting the side of the book where unit was attached, I had to fold in the book in order for the page on the other side to get any light. It’s not terribly annoying but not quite the way I would read a book either. There is also quite of bit of side light given off by the book light. If you had someone next to you in bed, the extra light might make it hard for her or him to get to sleep. I first tried the book light on a hard cover book and wondered whether it would be too heavy for a paperback book. But it worked just fine with a paperback. However, the book light proved too heavy to use with a magazine.

In short, I think the regular Snuggie is too thin and flimsy. But the deluxe Snuggie is a good choice if you want to have a blanket wrapped around you on a cold day while keeping your hands free for some other activity. If you go to http://www.FreeSnuggie.com, you will get an opportunity to upgrade to the thicker Deluxe Snuggie when ordering.

Paul Lucas
November 24th, 2009
San Mateo, California
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