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Does Smoke Assist Really Work?

Kick the habit they say, and if you are an addict, you want to kick them instead.  But get real.  Smoking is bad.  Don’t get mad, get help.  Smoke Assist claims that it can help, and if what they say is true, perhaps you should try it.  The worst that could happen is, it might not work for you, so go on to something else.  But there is a chance it will.  They say it does.  They say others have been helped by it.  The trick is, you get the taste of tobacco with this stainless steel shell with a microcomputer control circuit with a USB rechargeable lithium battery.  You get 400 smoke mouthfuls and no tobacco, tar, or real smoke.  Your oral fixation is satisfied, they say.  Get assisted they recommend, with Smoke Assist.

Smoke Assist Reviews

Yes - Works!!!
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I recently purchased smoke assist. And I do like it. Most E-Cigs are like sucking through a straw but with this product there isn’t a certain resistance when u suck through much like a cig. I don’t think the smoke assist company is any good, they do try and scam you. I didn’t get anything I was told. Wrong cartridges and cheap case to keep it in.I recommend the nicotine cartridges. But the product works. But u have to remember, you have to really wanna quit. Its not a real cig and you will know the difference.

November 7th, 2011
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Yes - Great concept but too many problems.
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I must say the concept of this product is incredible but i had problems with everything that was sent. The battery would’nt last more than 1 to 2 hours and the filters were the worst because each one only lasted as long as a cigarette. I can go threw a pack or more of filters in one day. Some filters never worked at all. Sometimes i thought this was more frustrating than me trying to quit. I wish i had better luck but I can’t recommend Smoke Assist for these reasons.

Tom Kettler
May 31st, 2010
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