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Do Slim Ts Really Work?

Slim Ts claims to be a great way for men to look thin in a snap without having to undergo surgery or diet and exercise for a very long time. Slim Ts is an undergarment that men can wear under their normal clothes. It is made of special Spandex-blend fibers that will not make you feel too hot, nor be too uncomfortably tight. The benefits from wearing Slim Ts are that it will slim, support and give you a toned and firm appearance. You can feel younger, they claim, with your new shape from using Slim Ts, and this product will fit under any other garments, they claim. They add that you can wear Slim Ts without it being noticeable and you will look inches slimmer. Diet pills are expensive and gym memberships take time but with Slim Ts you need not deal with that, they say. This product is available in four sizes—small, medium, large and extra large. However, for maximum benefit it is advised that you order Slim Ts that are one size smaller.

Slim Ts Reviews

Yes - Product works ok
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I received my Slim Ts today. It was a little tough getting on, but the product works fine for the small price I paid. I knew before ordering that it would not work miracles. I didn’t expect to lose weight just by wearing it. But I do notice that my belly is less noticable when I wear t-shirts. I took my belly measurments before and after and noticed about 1 1/2 inches diffrent. It is only a gridle for men. Women have paid much more for girdles that did less. I like it.

September 2nd, 2010
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No - Save your money
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I’m not really a big guy but wanted to get this to augment my look a bit. First off, they rip you off between the product and handling charges. I ordered 4 and it ended up being $120! Then it took 2 weeks to get even though they had charged me $40 in expediting charges. Once I complained they quickly told me that I would be refunded the charges but it has been 2 weeks and still haven’t seen anything. I am going to try to return this as they suck. You need 2 people to put this on and take it off and I am not remotely over weight. How an overweight person would put these on I have no idea. Once on it really does nothing more than a tight t-shirt would do. The most constricting part of it was the very base which does nothing for you. Wanna look slimmer? use the money to buy some good track shoes and start walking.

August 16th, 2010
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Yes - Works for me
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Slim t’s works for me ,it makes me slimmer , it just one problem with this product it’s a work out getting it off…Other then that it’s a good product for men who want to look slimmer it you don’t mind the workout trying to take it off..

July 30th, 2010
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No - Rip Off
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This shirt is a rip off. I did just what they said to do order a size smaller that I wear the shirt is hard to get on it doesn’t hold your belly in you have to do that suck it in and it doesn’t look like it will last long. So guy’s save you money and go on a diet.

July 23rd, 2010
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No - This sucks
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This item does not make u thinner i order the medium and like someone said it flattens out my chest but not my gut i order a size smaller(s) but cant even get it on cuz my shoulders are too big. so i would not recommend this to anyone

July 15th, 2010
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Yes - 50/50
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I saw the ad for Slim T’s on tv, and i needed a little slimming, i’ll admit. So i ordered it here, and it came in within 3 days which was awesome. I tried it on, put my t shirt over it, and there are pros, and cons. Some pros are: it really flattens out man boobs very good. Its not hot or uncomfortable. No one can tell your wearing it. But it does not flatten out any other rolls what so ever, just the man boobs. and thats really what i was going for.. is to flatten the rest of my rolls too. And my rolls are not too big for the garment, it just does not faltten them out. I ordered a size smaller than my normal size. So i ordered XL. It might be too big, idk. But it was just a 50/50 thing for me. Also for ONE garment, it came out to 27 something dollars! Idk if slim t’s think money grows on trees or what but that is a rediculous price to pay. But i risked it. And i would honestly say its worth about 18 bucks at the most. But dont take my review as a “it doesnt work” review, take it as a “it has some advantages and disadvantages”. Honestly i would recommend this, for those who have man boobs that cant get flattened out for nothing, it WILL work for that. Also i forgot to mention, it did improve my posture i stand alot straighter and my back is 100% supported. Hope i help you all decide.

Eric Maes
June 22nd, 2010
New Mexico
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No - guys Keep ya MONEY!!!
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This slim t’s thing is a rip off! I think i lost 3lbs trying to take it off and trying to put it on! they say order a size smaller to get better results so i did, large was my size on the chart so i orderd a med and it really made know difference! i wore a panys size 38 before and 38 after putting on the false shirt! So Gym Guys GYM! Slim T’s only made my pockets slim…………

June 9th, 2010
new jersay
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No - Only thing slimmer is your wallet
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Like so many men, we will do most anything to drop a size or two. The commercials GUARANTEE you will instanly lose 2 pant sizes. Guys, the only way that’s going to happen…and don’t kid yourself…is proper nutrition and exercise.

Their customer service number in Miami does not answer; you must leave a message, due to what they call “an overwhelming response” to their ads. But the calls are not returned. The email address they provide on their contact page is invalid. I had to search and search for a valid email address, and I must say, they were answered within a day, which is certainly acceptable.

I received the shirts yesterday and couldn’t wait to see the new and improved me. They suggest you order a size smaller than your regular size, which I did. I usually wear a medium shirt; I ordered their ‘small’ size. I think the exercise I spent putting on this spandex “girdle” and the exercise I spent trying to take it off should drop me two sizes. VERY difficult to put on and take off, and since I will still have to buy size 34 pants instead of 32, I felt there was absolutely no value at all. The men you see on the commericals are undoubtedly wearing a Slim T (it would be false advertising if they didnt wear them) but as a photographer, knowing the tricks of the trade, I GUARANTEE you that when they show you the “after” shots, those guys are sucking their guts in, and of course when you do that, you will give the appearance of a “slimmer” gut. But when the director says “cut”, the guts go back to their pre-suck size.

The shirts are $19.95 each PLUS $7.95 shipping PER SHIRT. If you purchase 2, they put them in ONE mail pouch and send it for their cost of $4.95. On two shirts, they have made not only $40 for the shirts, but $11 on postage. It seems to me if you buy more than one, they should adjust the shipping charges accordingly.

My advice to you guys: Either get some exercise if dropping pant sizes is what you really want, or simply embrace yourself for WHO YOU ARE and not look for a “quick fix” because it’s not going to happen with :Slim Ts”

April 15th, 2010
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