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Does Simoniz My Cleaning Secret Really Work?

Do you do a lot of the cleaning around the house yourself and you hate the need to bring around different cleaning chemicals and solutions, some of which have strong odors and harsh effects to the skin? You might want to get rid of those chemicals and use the Simoniz My Cleaning Secret instead. The manufacturer claims that the product is a true all in one cleaner, and that it is the only one that you will ever need for virtually all cleaning applications around the house. The My Cleaning Secret’s powerful formula allows it to easily get rid of stains, dirt and tarnish off of different surfaces in your house like wood, ceramics, concrete, tiles and many more. The product is even powerful enough to remove rust from metal surfaces, making it ideal for the garage and for the kitchen as well. Despite the Simoniz My Cleaning Secret’s power however, it does not have a strong and distracting odor and is also gentle to the skin. The manufacturer promises that the Simoniz My Cleaning Secret is the only cleaning solution that you will ever need for almost all cleaning needs around your house.

Simoniz My Cleaning Secret Reviews

Yes - Worked on oven interior glass
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This product worked for the specific task I purchased it for to clean baked on grease from the interior of a self-cleaning oven. I used a dual sided scrubbing sponge. Two notes to follow: 1. use a wet, but not sopping or dripping sponge and 2. open container on a flat surface when removing the lid. It contains a powder, not paste, and my container was full to the top.

Worked great as it completely removed baked on, yellowed gummy grease from the interior side of the glass on an oven door left behind after the self-cleaning cycle.

October 29th, 2015
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No - Scam
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This product is sh*t. I think it nothing more then ajax. Tried it on several and it is nothng. Do not waste your money.

May 23rd, 2015
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No - Save your money
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Upon seeing the ad for My Cleaning Product, I thought it was a paste, but in fact is a powder. I tried it on one of my most used pans and scrubbed for 15 minutes and didn’t get all the oils off. Could have used the $3 borax I had with better results. Save your money, this is a hoax.

Resa Hagen
March 3rd, 2015
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No - Don't waste your money
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Do not buy this. This product is worthless. […] So okay, I try it on my copper pots and stainless steel cooktop. IT DOES NOTHING! Baking soda did a better job than this. The product costs about $10 but the shipping was almost that, too–and I’d have to pay again to return it for the refund of just the product cost. I’d lose twenty bucks to return it! Also, it does have a toxic smell and is so fine a powder it easily wafts into the air, a danger to inhale. DO NOT BUY THIS.

Les Ro
January 22nd, 2015
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