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Does Sift and Toss Really Work?

Taking care of cats is a good choice for a pet. Unfortunately with cats, you will have problems with how to dispose of their kitty litter. Sift and Toss is a product that offers a way to manage kitty litter. It is said to work by placing the Sift and Toss litter liner in the litter box and fill it up with the kitty litter. . When you need to remove the clumped litter from the litter liner, simply separate one litter liner and lift up. Thus, the litter liner that you hold will allow the litter to pass through the netting that holds the litter. The makers of Sift and Toss claims that the product is effective since there’s no need to touch the kitty litter with you bare hands. After all litter passes through, you can simply throw the used litter liner in the trash can.

Sift and Toss Reviews

No - Scammed by a good idea
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I have spent a couple entire days going to stores to find a box small enough. Finally got one but it is not a litter box. The things are small and there is nothing to keep the ones underneath from being buried as well. Made a collar with another box. Way, way too expensive for their intrinsic worth. Was a great idea gone astray. They sent me entirely more than I ordered and then charged me. Then, they are not available to discuss it. That is the scam.

March 5th, 2012
Billings, MT
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No - Great idea, but too Small
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Overall, this product is a great idea and could potentially make less work for me as a multiple cat owner and rescuer. Unfortunately, the liners are way too small unless you have a very small litter box and then my cats started scratching at them so I had to pull them all out. We all cracked up when we saw the size of the disposal bags – anyone used to cleaning litter boxes should know they are just way too small unless you want litter all over your hands! If these could be made for jumbo and extra large boxes with a band of some sort to keep them from falling over, they’s be great for me. Right now,I can only use what’s left for a small kitten. Please consider making larger bags that will stay upright!

Joan Hanley
January 24th, 2012
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No - Too tiny for most litter boxes
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Got a huge order of liners, bags, etc. The liners are super small. If your litter bo is much bigger than a cake pan, forget it. The cats hated it and would dig up the layers. The mess is too large and a lot of waste goes through it, and the disposal bags are about the size of a sandwich. Try getting a leaking mess bag of cat poo into that.

January 11th, 2012
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