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Does Side Sleeper Pro Air Really Work?

Sleeping is meant to rejuvenate the body after a tiring day. However, in some instances, a person wakes up feeling even more stressed due to discomforts while sleeping. This may be caused by improper positioning of the body when lying down, particularly when the individual is accustomed to sleeping on his/her side. As a remedy, the SideSleeper Pro Air claims to provide support for the neck, shoulders, and spine during sleep. This therapeutic pillow is made with air beads that cushion the body and promote healthy sleeping. Designed to ensure proper body alignment, the Side Sleeper Pro Air promises comfortable and sound sleep. It is also said to allow individuals to sleep sideways without resulting in any aches or pains. The product is also known for reducing snoring.

Side Sleeper Pro Air Reviews

No - Do Not Come With Real Pillowcases!
3 stars3 stars3 stars3 stars3 stars

Side Sleeper Pro pillows —DO NOT come with true PILLOWCASES!!! THESE PEOPLE need to understand that a PILLOWCASE is NOT a ZIP-ON COVER!!!! Calling Pillow Covers “PILLOWCASES” IS FALSE ADVERTISING!!!

The pillows themselves seem okay—I just received them this morning and tested one but have not yet slept on it during a night. (I did not order via the website—I sent a money order by SNAIL MAIL!)

This review is about the LACK OF PILLOWCASES as advertised!!!

The pillow itself may work as advertised, BUT ONLY AFTER I USE A REGULAR PILLOWCASE OVER IT to protect my skin and give it a cover that will be removed and washed weekly!!!

MY COMPLAINT is NOT about the pillows themselves, it is about– the SO-CALLED “pillowcases” which are NOT PillowCASES at all—they are the zip-on PILLOW COVERS, NOT “PillowCASES”!!!

And the fabric of the pillow COVER is not a pillow CASE fabric, like a cotton-blend or cotton percale pillowCASES!!!

The zip-on COVERS that the Customer Service woman on the phone says are the advertised “pillowcases” are of some weird feeling nylonish blend of something that is scratchy against my face and even scratchy to my hands!!!

My regular rectangular bed pillows came with zip-on pillow COVERS that can be removed once in a while for washing—-BUT the zip-on pillow COVERS are NOT the same as PILLOWCASES that are used OVER THE PILLOW COVERS!!!! The manufacturers do NOT pretend their zip-off covers are PILLOWCASES, and they expect people to use PILLOWCASES OVER the zip-on covers that come on their rectangular pillows!!!

PILLOWCASES DO NOT HAVE ZIPPERS!!!! PILLOWCASES are put on OVER the COVERS and slid off and on easily for WEEKLY laundering!!!

A “zip-on COVER” is NOT a PILLOWCASE!!!!

Pillow CASES are the soft—non-scratchy cotton percale or cotton-blend fabric!!!!

As I said above the NON-PILLOWCASES that Customer Service wrongly calls “pillowcases” are actually zip-on pillow COVERS, are of a UNpleasant scratchy material that also feels very UNdurable which, I am willing to bet, will not withstand WEEKLY washing for very long, in addition to being scratchy against the face!!!!

I am not a seamstress, and re-making a regular PILLOW CASE to fit this Cane Shape is going to be a DIFFICULT PROJECT!!!

Using a REGULAR rectangular PILLOW CASE—-as WILL BE absolutely NECESSARY (to protect my skin and give a cover that will be removed and washed weekly)—- will probably affect how the cane pillow fits around my shoulder TOO!!!

THESE PEOPLE need to understand that a PILLOWCASE is NOT the same as a ZIP-ON COVER!!!! PillowCASES have to be A SOFT FABRIC, like a cotton blend and a STURDY cotton fabric TO WITHSTAND YEARS OF WEEKLY WASHINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have had ALL my regular pillowcases FOR YEARS — and ALL are still in GOOD SERVICEABLE condition for many dozens of future washings for more years!!!

BUT, IF people [wrongly] use the zip-on covers–if USED as “PILLOWCASES” and washed weekly—that chinchy weird nylonish scratchy fabric will be damaged and worthless in 6 months–maybe less!!!

Also NOTE: The “Customer Service” woman told me to put my comments on their website—BUT their website only takes orders—THERE IS NO PLACE TO LEAVE A “REVIEW” on the Side Sleeper website!!!!

Note: I did not order via the website—I sent a money order by SNAIL MAIL!!!

L. L.
January 26th, 2016
Lewiston, Maine
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