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Does ShedMonster Really Work?

Canine and feline pets may be cute and cuddly, but they could be messy at the same time as they leave a lot of their shedding hair around the house. This is why you need a tool like ShedMonster. This grooming brush cleans off excess hair from your pets before they have a chance to scatter it all over. The Shed Monster works on all breeds of shedding cats and dogs, whether with long haired or short haired coats. This shedding brush also claims to get rid of locks and tangles in your pets’ hair. With its design, the ShedMonster tool removes hair from your pets without causing damage to their skin, causing no irritation and providing a relaxing massage. The ShedMonster comes in a five-piece set that includes other types of brushes to groom your pets.

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I have a long haired cat and getting the excess hair off of him has always been a nightmare. I could never find a brush that would get all of the undercoat out. Most of the time it seemed as if it made the shedding worse. I bought the shed monster and tried it out. My cat loved being brushed with it and I was shocked at how much hair was removed! I brushed enough hair out of him that it was the size of a softball when all together! The next day I brushed him again and got about a baseball sized amount. The third day there was almost none! I brush him once a week now and very little hair comes out! The fur balls around the house are non existent now. I have even brought the brush with me to friends houses to show them on their animals! I’ve never had a friend that wasn’t amazed and all of them have bought their own! Definitely recommend this product.

October 14th, 2012
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