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Does Shed Pal Really Work?

Shed Pal

Shed Pal is the pet vacuum cleaner designed to clean the loose fur from your dog or cat. It is convenient to use on your pet because grooming them becomes easier and it will not be painful for them. It has a motor that works so calmly and will not create any noise while you are grooming your pet dog. It will make your dog or cat look clean and good looking. It’s not hard to clean the Shed Pad. When you are done grooming your dog, all you have to do is open, turn on and eject the contents safely to a disposal area of your choice. Using this pet vacuum cleaner will not be messy. The Shed Pad has massing nubs on the u-shaped brush that pulls in the shedding hair of your dog or cat. The canister will suck it in and in just a few seconds the vac will get hold of the shedding hair.

Shed Pal Reviews

No - Terrible
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Bought this about 5 months ago […] Wouldn’t even suck up a little bit of hair. I had in my hand with new batteries. Terrible product. No one should ever buy this product.

September 23rd, 2011
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No - It does not have any suction!
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I received this just today and what a waste of money. Wish I had read some of these other reviews. It’s so loud my cat won’t even get close to it. hmmmm, it has a fan so how is that suppose to suction up the hair???? All I can say is don’t buy it; it’s not what they said it is – JUNK!!!!!!!!

Pam Hill
September 21st, 2011
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No - Another ripoff
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If I could give them a 0 I would. Crappy, cheap design. Barely has any suction. Brush part is pathetic. Stay away from this product & this company. You can tell them by the style of their TV ads. Watch out for all the other so called “review” sites. They appear to be put up to counter ligit ones like this one.

September 4th, 2011
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No - Don't Buy It!
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I’m always trying to find a way to brush out my long hair Chihuahua and get hair off the couch. This little gadget does neither. It barely has enough suction to pick up “A” piece of hair, let alone a bunch. Don’t waste your money. I’m giving it a F grade.

August 8th, 2011
San Jose, CA
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No - Fleeced by ShedPal
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I attempted to purchase ShedPal online from http://www.shedpal.com but I had to call the phone number provided (1-800-525-6240) to actually order the product. After 20 minutes of being inundated by ads for other products pitched by the automated recording I hung up without confirming my order. About two weeks later (7/19/11) my credit card was charged for the product and I received the product on 7/27/11. I decided to go ahead and try it after thoroughly reading the instructions. I purchased the adaptor so I did not need to use batteries. We have five cats but only one would allow us to use it on him. After we groomed our cat I then used it on their cat tree and on a chair. The suction was not very strong and we noticed that it started to wind down even though we had it plugged in; then it stopped working all together. We took it apart according to the instructions to check if hair was tangled in the motor but that was not the problem. It won’t work at all after just three uses. Don’t waste your money or your time!

Dawn Barber
July 29th, 2011
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No - Don't Waste Your Money
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I just received mine today and will be immediately returning it to get my $ back (less shipping cost). With brand new batteries it just didn’t begin to have enough suction or come to close to working as promised. Do NOT waste your $, it is nothing like the ad on TV makes you think. False advertising !!

July 20th, 2011
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No - Doesn't hold up to its promise
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I have to agree with the above person…I wish I could’ve read some reviews before I bought that product. I also bought the deluxe with the adapter, the adapter cord doesn’t stay in the shed pal, the plastic container where the hair is supposed to go in keeps falling of…..the power button only works sometimes (tried it also with batteries). It is a very cheaply made product and it doesn’t hold up to its promise. I already contacted the company about a refund but they seem to ignore customers that want to return it.

June 6th, 2011
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No - Shed Fail
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This product is just awful. From its week motor to its incredibly cheep feel, I do not recommend this product. It does not collect the hair off of pets easily at all, in fact you pets hair will probably get stuck in the little motor of the Shed Pal and your pet will yelp like mine did. Also the shed pal makes my dog run away from me. I even bought the deluxe edition with the electric cord. The cord does not even stay in the machine at all. It just keeps falling out and mine is not a defective one and it is just really annoying. SO basically the product just sucks. DO NOT BUY IT. It is just a COLOSSAL WASTE OF MONEY and a SCAM.

June 4th, 2011
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