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Does ShaveMate Really Work?

ShaveMate is the shaver that both men and women can use. It is a six blade all in one razor which has shaving cream inside it’s handle. There are two types of Shave Mate shavers: The Titan 6 for men and The Diva 6 for women. This shaver has coated inline blades and it has several features that you will like: The Flex – It’s a neck technology that makes shaving less complicated; The Aqua Flow Blade Rinse keeps the blades clean; The Moisture Glide Strip gives you comfort. Because of these features, it makes this shaver likeable. With this type of shaver you feel convenient and comfortable when using this product. The Diva 6 for women can be used to shave their underarms and bikini lines. For men you do not need an electric shaver, the Titan 6 will do everything for you. ShaveMate is the razor that can use anywhere.

ShaveMate Reviews

Yes - The wife loves it....
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I really like the Titan, but my wife thinks the women’s model is pretty awesome…especially when we went on vacation last month to Vegas. She bought them just for the trip. And I gotta tell ya’ it was great not to lug a big can of shaving cream. So, ShaveMate, I think you got yourself some new customers.

Jimmy Packard
January 5th, 2011
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Yes - ShaveMate Rocks!
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I’ve heard so much about the ShaveMates – and I had to try one. And for real – the Titan 6 gave me one of the best shaves I’ve ever had. Bar none. Really was a cinch to use, too. And with the shaving cream right inside the handle…?! Come on, man – just so convenient and simple to work. Totally recommend it…especially also because of the price. Quite reasonable in my opinion.

Bob Catalana
January 4th, 2011
Los Angeles
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Yes - It’s about time!
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This is a great product! I bought a 3 pack of Titans and got consistently 9 -10 shaves out of each razor. That’s a month worth for only 10 bucks! I used Fusion and Quattro in the past and I think Shavemate’s 6 blade is better. I agree the blades do outlast the shaving cream but for the convenience alone I’d take Shavemate over spending $10+ for one of the other guys, then you have to pay $15 for their refills. I think Shavemate’s on the right track and it’s good to see someone finally think outside the box. Good job boys and Godspeed!

January 3rd, 2011
New York
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No - Its A Pain
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Shave cream ran out after 5 shaves and quality of shave does not compare to a premium Gillette or Schick razor

January 1st, 2011
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