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Does ShamWow Really Work?

Click for More Info About ShamWowShamWow is an all-purpose towel that is super absorbent and is ideal to use on any type of surface. The manufacturer claims that ShamWow can absorb up to 21 times more than its weight in liquid and promises that it does not drip like a normal towel does. These towels are made in Germany using a unique type of fabric and are guaranteed not to scratch the surface that you are wiping. ShamwWow may also be used to dry pets and is machine washable and bleachable as well. Ideal to use in the kitchen, bathroom or your garage. Each set of ShamWow towels include four large towels that measure 20 x 27 inches and four pieces of small ShamWow towels measuring 15 x 15 inches each.
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ShamWow Reviews

No - ShamWHAT?
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The ShamWow doesn’t only not absorb very well, but it thins out and turns really wrinkly when washed. I would not rely on this product instead of a paper towel.

July 22nd, 2012
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No - Absolute Scam
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The product you get is not the same product in the commercial. I purchased from a small vendor who was doing the same demonstration as on tv so I purchased it after seeing it with my own eyes. Took it home and tried everything to make this thing pick up any type of liquid and it failed miserably. This is the worst product to date that has been sold on tv and one of the biggest scams. I went back the next day and the person was different this time so I asked to see the demonstration again, they obliged and when I said ok i’d purchase the item but I wanted him to show me the one I was buying worked just as well, she refused. Then I said ok then I’ll pay for the one she was using in the demonstration again, she refused. Many other people were there for this and realized it was an absolute scam because in person you can tell the material between the two is completely different! Do NOT buy this product! You will be disappointed.

November 28th, 2011
San Diego, CA
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Yes - It does what it says it does
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We initially got it as a gag gift because I quote Vince so much. But surprisingly the ShamWow does work for the most part as advertised.

Now I wouldn’t say it absorbs as much as it looks like it does on TV, but it does absorb alot of liquid.

I mostly use it to clean up dog accidents on the hard wood floor, and use one under the dog food dishes for water spills.

Wiping it back and forth on the accident a couple times and it is mostly all picked up.

September 24th, 2009
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