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Does Shake-N-Wake Really Work?

With Shake-N-Wake you can get up early in the morning without disturbing others.  The Shake-N-Wake is a gently vibrating alarm that you can wear on your wrist or place under your pillow.  Its gentle vibration awakens you without feeling a rude awakening that comes with other loud alarm clocks, they say.  The Shake-N-Wake also has a handy backlight feature, they claim.  What’s more, with the Shake-N-Wake you have the choice for either a vibration or audible alarm by simply flipping the switch.  It is so easy to use, they say.  Now your husband or sibling can get that important, extra hour of sleep, thanks to the Shake-N-Wake alarm.  You can also place it in your pocket and use it during the day to remind you of appointments, medication times, and more.

Shake-N-Wake Reviews

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Clipped to my pillow, it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread. Wakes me with vibrations – strong ones so there’s no missing them – and doesn’t disturb the baby. LOVE it.

July 28th, 2011
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