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Does Scoopette Really Work?

If you have dog then walking your beloved pet can be a fun experience, but hassles surely come should your dog poo on the street, as cleaning up after your pet can be quite difficult and messy, and that you will need to carry the waste bag on your free hand until you reach the next trash can, which is not the best experience at all. If you are looking for a product that will allow fast and hassle free clean-up after your dog then the Scoopette is the product for you. The manufacturer claims that this scooping tool will make it very easy and sanitary for you to clean up after your dog. Should your dog poo on the street, simply get the Scoopette, wrap a durable doggie bag around it, scoop the poo up using the tool and then just twist and clip the bag while on the Scoopette and you should be done. With the Scoopette, you will be able to clean-up your dog’s mess fast and easy without getting your hands dirty, and since the Scoopette is small, compact and has a clip; the manufacturer promises that the tool is very easy to bring wherever you and your dog may go to.

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