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Does ScaleBlaster Really Work?

Lime scale buildup could do considerable damage to industrial water piping systems. When it is accumulated inside pipes, the blockage could hinder the flow of water and increase water system pressure significantly. This results in pump and pipe system damage in the long run. ScaleBlaster is a product that claims to solve the problems of scale build up brought by prolonged hard water flow contact. This product promises to significantly reduce existing scale build by melting the minerals directly into the stream of flowing water. Moreover, Scale Blaster also promises to stop scale buildup by inhibiting the capabilities of minerals to bond together and attach into the pipe walls. ScaleBlaster offers a wide range of sizes depending on the type of pipe and the type of water delivery system involved.

ScaleBlaster Reviews

Yes - As advertised
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Mr Geer must remember he was checking something that has come forward in every aspect of the term Progress.
I installed one on my water line and after cleaning the ice and water dispenser on my freg. I have not had to clean it in the past 3 months , since I installed my Scaleblaster. The shower doors, glass are cleaner, wash is softer and using less to do the same job. When the ice melts in the glasses there is no crud in that glass. That was a problem I was fighting for years with as many as 3 water filters on the one water line to the freg. YES it works and the price paid was well worth the results.

March 29th, 2017
Homosassa, FL
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Yes - Does work as advertised
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I have seen scaleblaster clean small potable water systems and fountains, cooling towers, heat exchangers, boilers and whole building water supplies. The experience was unexpected because I was in the chemical industry.
As with any technology proper checks of the system to be treated, proper equipment sizing and keeping the proper working parameters in line and no outside additions without proper instruction. For home use it is a snap. We have had our unit for the 3/4 inch main for 12 years and our hot water heater, pipes and sinks and tubs are still clean. I have seen it work.

Tom Wolf
January 18th, 2015
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No - Scaleblaster is a fraud
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I am a retired chemistry professor and 60 years ago I was part of a group that investigated water conditioners that were similar and made the same claims. They as well as this one are a complete hoax. There so called explanations of how they work is just a bunch of nonsense. It has no scintific basis and is contrary to the laws and facts of chemisrty. They apply a pulsating magnetic field to the water and claim the Calcium “molecules” have a memory that keeps them from forming scale. This is nonsense! They do state that they do not remove anything from the water, which is true, therefore after leaving their device the water is as hard as before and will cause the same problams. Thus their claims for this device are fictitious.

Richard Geer
December 26th, 2013
Bozeman, MT
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