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Does SandBoxie Really Work?

sandboxieProtecting your computer whenever you browse the Internet is supposed to become easier with Sanboxie, a web security tool that isolates any changes suggested by your browser in order to prevent any unsolicited installation on your computer system. This makes it possible for undesired operations to be undone without affecting your computer’s general functionality. As a sandbox-based program, the SandBoxie creates an operating environment that will run online applications on a separate space. Using Sanboxie provides advantages when it comes to enhancing the privacy settings of your computer as well as the assurance of sending emails safely. The SandBoxie also keeps your Windows OS well-maintained. Originally created by Ronen Tzur, the SandBoxie is downloadable and works in various Windows platforms such as the Windows Vista, Windows XP, and Windows 7.

SandBoxie Reviews

Yes - How sandboxie works
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Sandboxie works, but only with normal viruses. Its easy to create a virus that’s designed to work against sandboxie. Sandboxie only directs everything that’s happening to a folder, but its only a folder. Malware can easily come out of that folder and infect the whole computer, but there is no such known malware that can do that. So I guess sandboxie does work.

February 22nd, 2012
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