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Does Rosetta Stone Really Work?

The Rosetta Stone is software which helps the student to learn a new language of choice. The Rosetta Stone claims that the user can learn a new language naturally without having to resort to translation or memorization. Instead, they apply a method that they describe as dynamic immersion. In this method, you are in a digital environment that likens itself to a country where everyone speaks the language of your choice. By being in this environment you are enjoined to think in the language you are trying to learn, as well as to speak it. In this environment you are surrounded with words, images, phrases, and conversations with the voices of native speakers. They claim that 55 hours of the Rosetta Stone is equivalent to one semester of a college education. There are over 30 language selections chosen with the Rosetta Stone.

Rosetta Stone Reviews

Yes - Rosetta Stone is Awesome!
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I would so recommend Rosetta Stone! I am learning Chinese Mandarin. In the past month I have learned so much more than I ever learned at school in 2 years. Sometimes it is a little difficult to guess the word since they don’t give translations, but if you keep it up you really learn alot.

November 27th, 2010
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